Monday, December 7, 2009

Prettier in Pale Pink

I feel like this shirt brings out the girl I know is in me somewhere hiding behind my ubersexy potty mouth.
Aside from my fav of Cowboy Boots, dresses and Leather jackets, I'd say I don't really have a "style", it's more like I pick themes and go with them for a day. On rare occasion, I feel the need be girly. Girly to me is ruffles ,soft hair and pink lips.
I picked this one up over the weekend and bonus is it's got long sleeves, perfect for the winter wonderland weather.
I'd pair it with black jeans and a ton of jewelry, just to let my inner skid out so she doesn't suffocate.

Item: Long Sleeved Pale Pink Shirt with Buttons
Location: Zara Metrotown