Monday, December 7, 2009

SICK Leath

I love leather, or pleather or anything that looks and feels like it.
This jacket has a wicked collar and the color is a refreshing departure from your standard browns and blacks.
My philosophy is if you are going to experiment with trends or novelty styles and colors, do it cheaply otherwise you end up with $400 Orange Cowboy boots that seemed like a good idea at the time. 40 bucks to look like a million? Where have you been all my life Forever 21? Oh yeah, that's right , Edmonton...

They actually had a really great selection of leather jackets in a range of colors. I'm a huge fan of large collars but you can pick up anything from a purple one with a mandarin collar to your standard leather jacket with studs on the shoulders, all under 40 bucks. Effing Steal, though of course I don't condone such behavior.

Item: Leather Motorcycle Jacket in Faded Dark Blue
Price: $39.80
Location: Forever 21 Metrotown