Sunday, December 27, 2009

In the Jungle,the mighty jungle....

Well, more like in my living room at the moment, but they will be moving into my bedroom when they are potty trained.

Another item I find "ugly hot", like at any moment I could toss them off my balcony and shout "What was I thinking"?
They are kind of furry, but a soft and cozy furry. I'm changing the "mood" of my bedroom at a snails pace, but thought they would eventually fit in well as throw pillows on the bed. In the meantime, they are making nice on my couch and they are growing on me. The reason I buy ugly hot things? Usually when they are cheap enough that if the ugly overpowers the hot, I won't scold myself for tossing them.

Item: Faux I don't know Zebra-ish print pillows
Price:$12.99 each
Location: Superstore (Richmond location)