Sunday, December 27, 2009


I can just stare at this for hours, partly because I could be sitting on a new couch that costs the same, but something tells me it's worth it.
I love this necklace, and hopefully no one is as stupid as me and willing to fork out the dough for neck art.
In it's defense, it's handmade be honest I can't remember what kind of stones because I wasn't listening, I was distracted by the sparkles it made in my eyes. Something about 25 artisans working on each piece, dipped in gold or silver 4 times...whatever. It's puts everything else I've ever owned to shame.
Quite simply the sickest necklace I will probably ever own.

2009 is going out with a bang. I managed to get myself employed, bought a motor vehicle and held a male's attention for a whole day.
Merry xmas to me, I so deserve it!

Item: Virgins Saints and Angels Multistrand emblem necklace.
Price: $445.00
Location:Blue Ruby, Robson St.