Saturday, August 28, 2010

Studdy Buddy

Continuing with my love of studs-enter my new small bag. Notice I did not use the word "purse". My grandmother owns "purses", I own bags, nuff said.

This color reminded me of the bag I got at Zara a few months back with those cute flowers hanging off the sides with the metal chain. At first I thought it would be the darker grey one that I would favor but I've actually favored the one that was this color, and it's getting a little trashed to be honest. Enter it's new replacement. Same dusty rose color that I adore and it has wicked little silver studs all over the front. It's big enough that you can jam most of your crap in but it helps me realize what I actually need to go out with and keeps me from bringing the kitchen sink out with me.

Huge fan of the chain link strap and hey, it was cheap, so can't say I really care if it doesn't last forever.
Again, bought it a while ago (Sorry, been super super lazy with posting) but I checked yesterday and they still have it in this color,as well as black and white with studs, so there is a color to suit everyone!

Item: Dusty Rose Studded Bag
Price: $19.95
Location: H & M, White Rock Location