Saturday, January 23, 2010

Better in Leather Part Deux

I looooove leather/pleather whatever. I've wanted a pair of leather pants for a long time, especially since I had some in HIGHSCHOOL that I gave away to the thrift shop . I have missed them everyday since.
I know it's kind of walking the line of trashy, but I'm convinced you just have to do it right. These ones are tight, like leggings with zippers at the bottom. Since they naturally gravitiate towards Hoochie wear on their own accord, I think the key is to simplify everything else you wear and let them stand on their own.
If I had to pick a favorite look, this type would be it. Easy, Breezy,Beautiful-Pleather Girl.

Now for me, I like them with a plain white shirt (Heather Grey tank underneath) , Cowboy Boots and Red Lips.
Anything else is asking to be carried home over someones shoulder screaming "No means No even though I'm dressed like a tramp". Although I did toy with the idea of the Zebra print Heels with the Red heel, looks rad with the red lips, but that's strictly after hours attire you hear?

Item" Black Leather pants/Legging style
Price $11.99
Location: Zara

Note: I told you Zara was having a crazy sale, these were almost a hundred dollars original price!