Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Romping it up.

So I have this navy cotton romper I got at Winners a few years ago, before rompers were "in". It's probably one of the most comfortable things I own, period. Like a cherished pet, that thing has gone everywhere with me. We're talking boat cruises, cabin times, Australia, not to mention I've worn it to bed a few times-truly good for everything. Everyone always likes it and asks me where I got it and sadly, it was so long ago and before rompers were all the rage, they were very hard to find and I was unable to help.
Fast forward to now where even little 16 year olds are romping around in my favorite attire, at least it makes them more available.
Now I've seen all kinds from denim to bustier styles, but I'm a fan of good old cotton. No point in making a romper sexy, it's perfect just the way it is.

Found this little guy at Aritzia, and it was on sale. (By sale I mean $5 bucks off so no hand clapping quite yet).
If you haven't noticed, heather grey is my favorite color on earth, so just felt natural that it came home with me to join it's friends found in my closet. Welcome home my new party/lounging/beach suit, the only thing better than the good ol' birthday suit.

Item: Heather Grey Romper
Price: $ 40.00 (on sale from $45.00).
Location: Aritzia, Robson St.