Friday, October 23, 2009

Perfect Hipster Doofus Tee's

So I know I'm not exactly a Trendsetter while I'm shopping at American Apparel, but a good find is a good find no matter where you find it.
Bought this blue V neck tee and a grey crew neck last weekend. I've had one of these tee's for about 2 years and it still feels like the day I bought it, possibly even better with it's "used" feeling. Shrinkage if anything was minimal (and I throw EVERYTHING in the dryer. Dry Clean only to me means dry it when it's clean). One suggestion I would make is to try on everything, I find the sizing a little wacky. In one style I was trying on an x-small and in another I had to eventually try on a large. Not sure if it's the whole almost every style is a unisex thing, but I don't usually end up in two different sizes from the same brand. Annoying-yes,a deterrent-shouldn't be, just grab 3 sizes of each on the way to the change room.
I'm loving the heathered anything these days..especially in the blue one. Heathering in clothes for those that don't know is when you take a color, and basically think of mixing white with it, the most popular has always been heather grey. These days you can find heathered anything in any color, and American Apparel has a pretty good selection of colors and styles to choose from.
I find the hoodie with the white laces a little played at this point, but thats the problem when something looks good, everyone buys it.
Worth mentioning, I found similar vnecks at Aritzia, but the fit seemed off to me. I was going to buy one anyways but on the way from one store to another to get my size, I found the ones at American Apparel instead. Waaay better.

Store: American Apparel
Locations: Everywhere, look them up online
Item(s) Heather Blue V neck tee :$28.00
Heather Grey crewneck tee: $23.00

Considering I swear they look better than every other fancy schmancy top I own, they are a steal.
American're on my good side these days, welcome!