Friday, October 23, 2009

Yay finally a Pullover hoody!

I've been looking for one for a long time. Just a nice pullover, not too short/baggy and no logo crap on it.
I saw this one at Garage way back in August and thought it was perfect. I went from store to store as the only one each location seemed to have was the one on the mannequin,and they would not sell it to me-MAJOR pet peeve. Pffft.

Today I walked by Garage again and there it was, my heather lavender pullover hoody ,the same one that plagued me back in August still dressed on the mannequin in the window. I went in thinking I'd have to rip it off the mannequin and demand to buy it, but was relieved to find that they had an entire size selection of it. I ended up buying it in two colors. When you find something you like and it fits you well, you can never go wrong buying more than one, in fact I highly recommend it. If you like life with a side of boring, it also comes in black. ; )

Today was a good day.

Location: Garage Stores, lots of them, look up online.
Items: Blue and Heather purple Pullover Hoodies, $29.90 each.

Update: Oct 26/09- They just got in 3 new colors! Heather Grey, Coral and ...okay I forgot the 3rd one. I tried to take a picture and was told to put my camera away as pictures were not allowed. Umm Okee Garage Clothing, take it easy, I'm not the papparazzi and you aren't Paris Hilton. Last I checked you'd actually be more likely to dress Tara Reid, so if I were you I'd smile nicely and throw up a peace sign while your at it. Just for that I think I'll try on about 30 items and somehow,none of them will fit quite right...