Friday, October 23, 2009

The best pink lips EVER

I've been using Maybelline Shiny-Licious for a few years now,and I still get compliments whenever I'm wearing it.
This is the only gloss I've been able to find that truly makes your lips look pink without being a lipstick.
It's super shiny without looking frosty, and in my opinion, gives the prettiest shade of pink I've ever seen. As an added bonus or curse, depending on how you look at it, it gently stains your lips so that even when it comes off, it leaves a trace of pink behind.
Only negative is it's a little sticky, tie your hair back if it's windy cuz this stuff is like superglue,and don't touch your lips and then your hair, unless you want to have your own "There's something about Mary moment".

Available at pretty much any drugstore or pharmacy cosmetic section out there, it's readily available and cheap, in other words the best combination.

The shade I use is "Berry Bella 20". It does come in other shades as well, I've tried a few of the other pink looking ones but found that this is the best. Maybe it's just me, but I'm thinking more along the lines of "Maybe it's Maybelline".

Honorable mention goes to: Mac Lipglass in Flashmode. Not quite as much love for this one, but in a pinch, it's the next best thing. Available at all Mac stores.

Item: Maybelline Shiny-Licious Lip Tube in Berry Bella 20
Location: Shoppers, London Drugs, Pharmasave,Superstore, Any drugstore or pharmacy.
Price: $ 6.49-7.99 (watch for flyers as you can snatch up a tube for a couple bucks less when they go on sale, and they always do).