Friday, October 23, 2009

Best bag in a while

I was on the hunt for a versatile bag for a while, and I finally found it in a store I don't usually go in.
This bag gives me everything I was looking for. It's the right size to be able to tote around for a day of shopping and small enough to bring out when you're out at night. It offers 3 lengths of handles, clutch like around the top and an adjustable strap to sling over your shoulder or one arm. It's also in my opionion, cheerfully cheaper and much more stylish looking than some ugly designer bags I've seen as of late. It's fake leather of course, but the look and feel of it is pretty damn amazing.

Once again, when you find something you like, buy multiple colors. I bought the orange one to spruce up an otherwise plain looking outfit and a black one for when I go to visit my grandma. She's always asking me what's wrong with me since I don't have a husband and knowing her, she would blame it on the orange bag.

Love them both, and they offer just as much on the inside as they do on the out. The inside is divided in two by a zippered pocket in the middle. The outside has 2 pockets on the sides, a perfect place for keys and a phone.

In short, I love this bag and I finally feel satisfied on the bag front. For now at least.

Item: Faux leather bag.
Colors available: Orange, black and tan.
Location: Plum Clothing Stores, look up on line.
Price: $69.00