Saturday, October 24, 2009

OPI, the Good, the Bad and the Alternative

OPI Nail Polish.

The good? - It comes in a mind numbing array of shades. It's like a paint store, I bet you could bring a piece of your own crap in and they'd say "oh yes we have the perfect match for you, it's called "Taint the Town Brown".

The bad? - This stuff dries out and becomes thicker than toothpaste and I find myself using nail polish remover way too soon to thin it back out. At around 10 bucks a bottle, in my opinion..Unacceptable!

The Alternative- N.Y.C Color proves to be a better polish in more ways than one. The color I got is very similar to "Linkin Park After Dark" , which is the shade I usually buy from OPI. You do need two coats just like most polishes but the bonus is that it dries really fast and you can apply the second not long after the first. I find the OPI takes forever to dry and I usually end up with scratches and what not due to not being able to remain immobile for long enough. Seriously? I've got better things to do then sit around and wait for paint to dry.

Honestly, I'll probably still buy OPI because I like the little bottles they come in, (I'm a sucker for cute packaging/bottles) and I like all my cosmetic products to look the same. I like to line up all my polishes like little soldiers and pick which one I want to go to battle(work) in for the week. A far less costly alternative at $1.99 a bottle, I'll just buy the cheaper ones and line them up behind and pretend I'm just picking from the reserve army.

Item:N.Y.C New York Quick dry nail polish in shade "Lincoln Center"
Location: I bought mine at Superstore, but I'm pretty sure either shoppers or London Drugs also carry it.
Price: $1.99 (now that is what I call a "bargoon")