Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Robin Hood to the Rescue!

Not really, but for some reason these boots make me feel like I should have a bow and arrow slung over my shoulder hunting dinner in the woods, too bad I'm a fussitarian. (Someone who does not eat normal food and takes the word "picky" to a whole new level).

Above the knee boots for those that care happen to be very "in" right now, and these offer both the option of being a below the knee boot by folding the top down or leaving it up for aforementioned look. I actually got these over a year ago at Spank on West 4th. Cost- $200.00. I just saw them at Winners for $90.00. I think they look best with leggings or super skinny jeans but if you're up for the challenge of pulling off a stylish yet not skanky look, try it with a shorter dress or skirt.Just don't be surprised if you miss the mark and someone is calling out "Oh Bambi..", because yes, they would be talking to you.

For that price, I'd swing from a tree branch any day. I suggest you swang on over to Winners and pick yourself up a pair.

Item: Chinese Laundry Over the Knee Grey Suede Boots
Price: $89.99
Location: Winners-Various Locations Country Wide