Saturday, October 24, 2009


While none of these are easy to get (order internationally), they are worth every penny to get them shipped here.
I was in Australia for a year and came across what might be considered a store like Aldo ,"Wittner",with locations in every mall and generally the most popular shoe store. Unlike most chain stores, they truly offer unique and fashion forward styles that rival designer brands at an affordable price.

These 3 pairs were and are still at the top of my favorites list of shoes I've ever bought and I imagine, always will be. I've been stopped I can't tell you how many times by girls wanting to know where I got them(and you know how hard it is to compliment another chick right?). The bad news is I bought them in Australia (the zebra pair was sent to me by my best friend who remains in Australia still) but the good news is they ship internationally. The black ones at the bottom might look like polka dots, but they are actually silver studs, HOT.

Hands down the most comfortable heels I've ever owned. They all have built in platforms so although they look a little high, makes them all the more easy to walk in. Not to mention they reek of a sense of style, and perfectly capture my "rock star on a day off look". As a guide, I am a size 6 shoe, and all 3 pairs I bought from Wittner are a "37", so I'm guessing if you are a size 8, you would want to order a "39".

I know why I'm not married yet, it's because I'm already in love, with these shoes.

Item: Zoe Wittner Pumps, various styles (check website, the zebra print ones are on sale!)
Location: Australia
Price-$169-199.00AUD each. (Keep in mind our money is worth more so generally that means a few bucks off, yay!)