Monday, October 26, 2009

MMM I could just eat you...

Was what this one guy said to me when I wore this scent. Guys rarely comment on your clothes, shoes or anything else they deem to be girl nonsense but I can honestly say never have I gotten so many compliments from MEN as when I wear this perfume. Best described as reminiscent of your childhood days spent at a fair eating cotton candy, it has an air of sweetness that unlike real sugar, doesn't deposit itself nicely on your ass. While some might consider it sickly sweet, it seems to leave random strangers wanting to take a bite out of you, and hey, if he's cute, maybe that's not such a bad thing.

I'll always be loyal to Angel for my go to scent, but I wear this one occasionally with only good reaction from both men and women.
Guys have asked me what I'm wearing because they want to get it for their girlfriends before they take a bite out of my neck and have to explain themselves. For Real, this stuff draws dudes in like real candy, or perhaps a ham sandwich is a better metaphor to use in this case.

If you don't have a signature scent , rock this one in the meantime, I promise you won't regret it.

Item: Aquolina Pink Sugar Perfume Spray
Location: Available at Sephora and Urban Outifitters
Price: Sorry...not positive but if you can get it across the border of the above mentioned stores, it's worth it, you'll save a few bucks. Otherwise I think it's in the 30-40 dollar range depending on the size. My sis bought me a purse sized one I'm using now and it rules.