Thursday, October 29, 2009

Because 2 Fingers are better than 1.

Eww, sorry. Even I'm grossed out by that title, but it's in reference to double finger rings, so I hope you can forgive me.
These little bad boys are on the very top of the "where did you get those" list. Sadly, my collection started in Australia, so unless you can get to Bondi Beach, you'll be out of luck for the styles from my personal collection. BUT...I really wanted to look for some here in town to try and tell people where you might be able to find them. So far, I've only come across a few styles, but while you continue to look, hopefully they can jump start your new collection.

Bang on has a really simple style that comes in just gold or silver, basically just two bands together. I'd call these training wheels for double finger rings and a good place to start as the bigger the ring, the more it takes to get used to the limited use of the fingers you wear them on. I'd like to consider myself over the beginning stages as I wore my biggest "Rock" double finger ring bartending with no problems. So hopefully that can also answer your question of "can you still use your fingers when you wear them?", the answer is absolutely. Aside from the simple styles, they have one that says "Famous" across it, and it actually spans over 3 fingers. If it said Hollywood I would have got it, but famous isn't really my steez, but it might be yours. They also had a little bit of a thicker block style with rhinestones,again in both gold and silver. I was able to see all of them at the Robson St. Location but they only had a couple at the Metrotown Bang-On.

So, I promise as I'm on the hunt to adding to my own double finger ring collection to post anything new I find, but in the meantime, if you are just dying to have one, check out Bang-On and just ask to see anything they have in the double finger style.

(For the Aussies)
Item: Double Finger Ring-Silver and Gold Gun , Block style Silver "Rock" ring-Mafia
Price $79.99 Each AUD
Location: Bondi Beach-Sage

(For the Canadians)
Item: Plain Band Gold and Silver Double finger rings
Price: $18.99
Location: Bang-On Robson St (Look online, locations country wide.