Thursday, October 29, 2009

Better in Pleather.

I've been looking for a jacket like this since I saw this photo in a magazine back in Australia. A habit of mine is to rip pictures out that I like and take them shopping with me. When a sales person approaches and asks if they can help me find anything, I whip out my picture and say "Sure, got anything that looks like this?". It saves me from digging though racks, which is something I prefer not to do. The way I see it, put the good stuff where I can see it cuz the only thing I dig is my foot out from my mouth on the odd occasion.

Leather jackets in general are a huge fav of mine, in fact huge would still be an understatement. If I had 3 staples in a constant rotation in my wardrobe, it would include cowboy boots, awesome jewelry and a leather jacket. This one hit the target in terms of the style. I'll admit,the fit isn't the greatest, as in I had to buy a large because the style has it a little on the short side, so it's a tad big in the arms. It also looks better undone as opposed to zipped all the way up. I had to take another look at it when I got home on account that the lighting in Hollister was rather suspect. I can't decide what I care for less-Skinny mirrors or lighting so terrible I can't tell what color my own hair is. I get the whole beach vibe thing Hollister has going but for real, somethings gotta give. When I'm asking the mannequin who I mistook for my best friend what she thinks of the shirt I've got on, that tells me the lighting is a tad better suited for a vampire,and sadly I am but just a mortal woman.

Item: Hollister Moto Jacket
Price: $160.00
Location:Hollister- Pacific Centre. You can also order online or head down to the US of A for a $30 savings.